Importing Deutscher Wachtelhund Puppies

The demand for DWNA bred Wachtelhunds is greater than we can meet. Importing Wachtelhund puppies is an option for those individuals wishing to purchase a Wachtelhund puppy. The cost is a little more than a DWNA bred Wachtelhund, but then you will not have to wait for a DWNA bred Wachtelhund.

I have imported close to 50 Wachtelhunds from Germany over the last two decades and have never had an issue getting to their buyers. Last year I imported four Wachtelhunds for new DWNA members. Those wishing to import Wachtelhund puppies, please contact me: Dave Pepe, or PH: 715-487-4024.

Here are my requirements for importing DW puppies:

1. First, I will not import DW puppies when DWNA breeders have puppies available.

2. I’m placing these puppies the same as if I bred them, I vetted my buyers and I will determine who I will import puppies for. In other words, I must be comfortable with the buyer.

3. Buyer’s become a member of the DWNA for the life of the dog.

4. Buyer’s sign an agreement stating, “They’ll make the DW available for DWNA breeding”. This means the buyer must present the DW for the JP hunt test at a minimum, have the DWs’ elbows and hips X-rayed and certified for dysplasia and have a DNA profile down on the DW.

5. Buyer’s state their color preference – Schimmel (brown with white ticking) or solid brown.

6. I contact VDW breeders before their litters are born to place orders. So the process could take several months based on litter availability. The VDW list online all breeders expecting litters.

7. My selection process is as follows: Buyers’ color preference, both sire and dam having elbow dysplasia certification normal – ED normal, and hip dysplasia certification excellent – HD excellent, and hunt test scores; depending on litter availability. NOTE: My goal is to import the best quality DW as possible for DWNA breeding stock. Depending on litter availability sometimes I must select puppies from a litter where one of the parents has a hip certification of good. The VDW has required hip dysplasia certification for breeding since 1976. Hip dysplasia is not an issue in the Wachtelhund breed.

8. Cost: The average cost of a VDW DW puppy is 800 to 850 Euro. The dollar amount depends on the currency exchange rate at the time, but has recently averaged $900.00 to $1.000.00. Transportation cost has recently equal the purchase cost or exceeded it. What I have started doing is importing two puppies for two buyers at the same time from one breeder. This way the transportation costs are shared by the two buyers. The DW puppies will be shipped direct to an international airport having US. Customs. Customs may charge an import fee of $50.00 to $75.00, split between the two buyers. Normally, I or one of the buyer’s will pick up the puppies.

9. FEES: The breeders are paid by bank wire transfer – $45.00, buyers will share this fee. I usually ask for a small fee, as I offer this service over and above my DWNA duties. Half of the fee will go to the DWNA as a donation. The fee is for my time working with buyers’, selecting and communicating with the breeders, arranging payment to the breeder, arranging and paying transportation costs.

About Dave
Current DWNA-VDW Chairman. A 28 year USAF veteran, retired rank Major. Education: University of New Hampshire; AA, BS, BGS; Georgia College, MBA. I first learned of the Deutscher Wachtelhund while living in Germany from 1988 to 1993. I obtained a German Jagdschein (hunting license) in early 1988. Purchased my first Wachtelhund in 1991 and brought a pair of them to Alaska in 1993. While in Alaska, I bred Wachtelhunds between 1995 and 1998, selling 33 Wachtelhund pups from four litters. I have been promoting the Deutscher Wachtelhund in North America since 1995. In 1995, I worked with Gary Gerhrman, of Ontario, Canada; to get the United Kennel Club (UKC) to recognize the Deutscher Wachtelhund. In January 1996, I was the first to register nine Wachtelhunds with the UKC, my initial pair and seven pups. In 2000, I provided with their Deutscher Wachtelhund description. In 2002, I wrote another Deutscher Wachtelhund description for Fancy Publications, Inc. included their published Dog Bible. In 2000, I visited Germany to attend a Wachtelhund field trial, meeting Eberhard and Lutz Morgenstern. Wachtelhund judges for the German State of Sachsen. Lutz gave me his personal book and notes from his Wachtelhund Formwertricher (Conformation Judge) School and the VDW Hunt Measurement Rules and Judging Book. In 2004, I again returned to Germany to pick up a male Wachtelhund pup, Duke von der Balthasarley given to Kraig Glazier. I owned a total of 7 Wachtelhunds. I currently have three; a 7 year old female, a 3 year old female and a 5 month old male. I've imported over 40 Wachtelhund pups for other people, some have already been bred, other's will be bred in the future. In 2004, I started working with the VDW to establish a Wachtelhund club in North America. In 2006, with the help of Bill Wright we incorporated the Deutscher Wachtelhund North America, Inc (DWNA) Club in Wisconsin. The DWNA started taking memberships in January 2008. By 2009 we had 30 plus members and 6 kennels registered. Today we have 60 plus members. In 2010, I returned to Germany to attend the VDW annual meeting and gain DWNA-VDW member status.

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