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This last week, June 4th and 5th, the Verein für Deutsche Wachtelhund (VDW) held their annual meeting in Dinkelsbühl, Germany, and voted the change their constitution and accept the DWNA-VDW as a member club of the VDW.

The  DWNA will be the first independent club of the VDW.  The VDW was previously structured as a centrally controlled club.  Financial control was at the Board level and their main club at the main level was legally responsible for each German state group.  The acceptance of the DWNA required a member vote and change to their constitution.  Such changes are allowed every two years.  This was one of those years.

Previously, the VDW and JGHV had provided numerous requirements which we had to meet to become a member.  Communication issues and personal agendas both in the States and in Germany held up our acceptance by the VDW and JGHV.  Those are behind us now.

Last Wednesday, I arrived in Germany and met with the VDW Chairman, Vice Chairman and Head Breed Warden.  We discussed and worked out our many issues holding up our acceptance.  We have worked for five years to this end.

On Friday, I was asked to sit in with the VDW Board of Directors and all of the 18 German State Chairman.  This invitation was an honor and surprise to me.  The meeting began at 8:00 AM and ran to 5:00  PM. During this time, Herr Hartnagel (VDW Chairman) asked me to address the Vorstand group, another surprise and shock, as my German is not the best.  At 6:00 PM I was told I had to sit in with the International Wachtelhund group.  Present members were from Austria (Chairing president), Sweden, Luxembourg and USA.  There are numerous other countries who were not present. The VDW Vice Chairman was also present.  Each of us gave statistics on our Wachtelhund populations.

Friday evening was a fest and I went around meeting breeders whom I had imported Wachtelhunds from and others that I have come to know.  I asked each to raise their hand in the morning.  The word was out and they all understood what was going to happen.

On Saturday, the main annual meeting took place.  The first 6 hours were financial updates, membership statistics, Wachtelhund information; birth, health issues, etc.  Changes to the VDW Satzung (Constitution) and Breeding regulations were proposed and voted on.  Again, I was asked to address the complete present membership, some 800 to 900 individuals.  Yes, I was a little nervous and stumble though with my poor German.  The complete membership voted to change their constitution and accept the DWNA as a member organization.

What does this mean fro the DWNA-VDW:   First, we retain our DWNA name and separate financial status.  We will become members of the VDW, register our kennels litter and puppies with the VDW and abide by VDW Breeding and Testing regulations.  No cross breeding with AKC, UKC or CKC registered Wachtelhunds will be allowed.  They will issue us normal Ahnentafels with the VDW, FCI and JGHV logos.  We will also eventually become JGHV members, as a letter is being sent to the JGHV.

This will add legitimacy to our Wachtelhunds and organization, putting us on paar with the VDD-GNA, VDL-GNA, NADKC, CAN-AM DKC and etc.  All requests for VDW registrations from North America, regardless of DWNA member status will go through the DWNA.  Ahnentafels coming to North America will be signed by the the VDW Zuchtwart (Breed Warden) and the DWNA Chairman.

Registrations will begin with our breeding DWs and litters.  Half of our kennels are all ready registered with the VDW and our Board members are currently members.  The remaining membership DWNA membership will be upgraded to VDW members.  Member dues are due in January of each year.  The DWNA will make a one time payment each year for its members.

Litters for the last two years will be submitted to the VDW for inclusion in their breed book. We have been tattooing our DWs to fit into the VDW breed book system.  The DNA profiles that we have been collecting on our breeding  dogs will be provided with each litter registration.

Also the VDW will accept all of our OFA certifications.  All of our breed-able DWs have been certified for elbows and hips by either the VDW or OFA.  For those with OFA certifications, the VDW will accept OFA certifications now.  We need photo copies of your OFA certifications.  In the future, all certifications for elbows and hips will be sent to the VDW.  The DWNA will pay for all registrations and certification, one time at the end of the year.

Since the DWNA has the majority of breed-able Wachtelhunds and kennels in North America, and due to our limited Wachtelhund gene pool, it would behove Wachtelhund other owners in North America who are not DWNA or VDW members to become VDW or DWNA members and register their DWs if they want to breed them Wachtelhunds in the future.  This will require the submission of your UKC registrations.

The VDW will send judges to North America in 2011 and 2012 to help us with our testing and help us develop our own judges.

I will provide more information upon my return to the States after the 18th.

Dave Pepe

About Dave
Current DWNA-VDW Chairman. A 28 year USAF veteran, retired rank Major. Education: University of New Hampshire; AA, BS, BGS; Georgia College, MBA. I first learned of the Deutscher Wachtelhund while living in Germany from 1988 to 1993. I obtained a German Jagdschein (hunting license) in early 1988. Purchased my first Wachtelhund in 1991 and brought a pair of them to Alaska in 1993. While in Alaska, I bred Wachtelhunds between 1995 and 1998, selling 33 Wachtelhund pups from four litters. I have been promoting the Deutscher Wachtelhund in North America since 1995. In 1995, I worked with Gary Gerhrman, of Ontario, Canada; to get the United Kennel Club (UKC) to recognize the Deutscher Wachtelhund. In January 1996, I was the first to register nine Wachtelhunds with the UKC, my initial pair and seven pups. In 2000, I provided VersatileDogs.com with their Deutscher Wachtelhund description. In 2002, I wrote another Deutscher Wachtelhund description for Fancy Publications, Inc. included their published Dog Bible. In 2000, I visited Germany to attend a Wachtelhund field trial, meeting Eberhard and Lutz Morgenstern. Wachtelhund judges for the German State of Sachsen. Lutz gave me his personal book and notes from his Wachtelhund Formwertricher (Conformation Judge) School and the VDW Hunt Measurement Rules and Judging Book. In 2004, I again returned to Germany to pick up a male Wachtelhund pup, Duke von der Balthasarley given to Kraig Glazier. I owned a total of 7 Wachtelhunds. I currently have three; a 7 year old female, a 3 year old female and a 5 month old male. I've imported over 40 Wachtelhund pups for other people, some have already been bred, other's will be bred in the future. In 2004, I started working with the VDW to establish a Wachtelhund club in North America. In 2006, with the help of Bill Wright we incorporated the Deutscher Wachtelhund North America, Inc (DWNA) Club in Wisconsin. The DWNA started taking memberships in January 2008. By 2009 we had 30 plus members and 6 kennels registered. Today we have 60 plus members. In 2010, I returned to Germany to attend the VDW annual meeting and gain DWNA-VDW member status.

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