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01-07-2012, 02:16 AM
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Hello! My name is Celia and I live in Tucson, Arizona.

About 10 years ago my good friend went to the Humane Society of Southern Arizona to adopt a young dog for his family. They were immediately enamored by this good looking pup of less than 1 year old and proceeded to adopt him. The only information they were given regarding the dog was that the previous owners were young college girls from the Midwest who had come to Tucson to attend the University of Arizona and had realized that raising this puppy was too much for them. My friends took him home, named him Cinnamon, and found him very easy to train, loveable and full of energy! I spent time with Cinnamon quite often and a few years later when they needed to move out of town I readily agreed to take him home to live with our family.

There had been much speculation about his breed. Many ideas were tossed around and for many years we assumed he was some kind of spaniel mix (although his records from the HSSA had called him an Australian Shepard LOL). A few years ago we came across a photo of a Deutscher Wachtelhund and immediately recognized Cinnamon. After looking at the breed standards and comparing his size, weight, temperament, coloring, coat, etc... I am convinced that he is in fact a Deutscher Wachtelhund.

While we are not a hunting family and Cinnamon has zero experience around hunting or guns... he clearly possesses the natural instincts for tracking and flushing. (This has been a bit of a problem with our backyard chickens!) We have a vacation property in NW New Mexico with many acres of wilderness and Cinnamon is truly in his element when following the deer trails.

We are so glad to have such a remarkable dog as a part of our family. I have no idea how he managed to come to Tucson and would love to know more about his origins... although we will probably never know. I assume that he must have been given away as a very young puppy. His tail was not docked and he doesn't have any ear marks. Perhaps he was considered "pet quality" after he was born.

I appreciate connecting with all of you and hope to have an opportunity to adopt another "pet quality" Deutscher Wachtelhund again in the future!

I will try to attach a few photos of our sweet Cinnamon... but I'm not sure if I know how!

Sincere Thanks,

Celia B.

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