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Registration - Dave P. - 10-07-2008 12:53 PM

This Forum designed for people to discuss Wachtelhunds and other gun dog issues.

This forum is again open to self registration. You will be sent an activation e-mail. Upon activation, please complete you user proflie. You can change the activation pass word, but you are now required to use your real name and address.

This is an informal forum where we go by first names if possible, or first names and the first letter of the last name; not user handles. We know all of our DWNA registered dogs and and who buys them. There are a few non-DWNA Wachtelhunds out there that we do not know about and would like to, but owners are required to register according to our rules.

Also, this is not a forum to meet people (sexual partners) or sell drugs. If that is your intent don't even bother to register. As you will be banned from this forum. If you have a sex or drug related E-mail address you will be banned.

If you register with out following our rules you will be banned, immediately and with out a second thought! no